Soy oil extraction & soy oil refinement

After the soybeans are harvested, they are sold on the market.  Manufactures purchase soybeans for different reasons and for different products, but most soybeans are purchased for the production of soy oil.

There are different methods of soy oil extraction from the soy bean.  Soy oil can be extracted from the legume by heating the crushed beans to approximately 80 degrees centigrade.  The crushed beans are pressed at extremely high pressure.  The soy oil is virtually squeezed out of the bean.

The remains of the bean, after oil extraction, can be used for livestock feed.

Soy oil has many uses.  These include cooking oil, margarine, waxes, and to my surprise, breast implants.  Who said you wouldn't find a little humor here.... I am serious about the breast implants!!

Our focus here will be on the soy wax that is used in soy wax candles.

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