Soy bean production & soy bean harvesting

Soybeans are used in many products.  Our focus here is the soy wax candle.  We will take you from the planting of the soybean plant to harvest.

soybean plant Usually the planting season of the soybean begins around April 20th. As the plant develops, herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides may be used to ensure the plant remains health reaches maturity.
soy bean field Here you see a matured soybean field.  Soon the plant will die, and the soybeans will dry.
soy bean harvesting The bar on the front of the combine cuts the entire soybean plant, puts the seed in the large tank in the top center of the combine and deposits the rest of the plant back onto the soil. A combine can harvest soybeans, wheat, or corn from an area the size of a football field in three to five minutes.

Soybeans have been grown for many thousands of years.  They were initially grown for food for both people and livestock.  Since then many products have evolved from this little bean that many of us take for granted.  One of the products than have evolved is soy wax which is used today in soy wax candle making.

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