Soy Wax Distribution

The soy wax is then bought in large quantities by resellers or distributors.  From these retailers you may purchase soy wax.  These are usually sold by the pound or by the 50 pound case.  The wax is in flake form, and can even be melted in your microwave!!

Here is a picture of what could be considered the standard form of soy wax.  The flakes are extremely close to a pure white and very opaque.  If you choose to purchase soy wax, find out what form it is in.  Some distributors sell in block or slab form.  There is no guideline on which you should choose.  It really depends on your personal preference.

Once you find the wax you like, stick with it!  Soy wax and its properties can vary manufacturer to manufacturer.

After melting the soy wax, the wax turns clear.  Melting points vary depending on the "blend."  Some melting points can be as low as 120 degrees and as high as 160 degrees.  Various melting points have different applications in candle making.

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